MSL6A Medical gynecological operating table

MSL6A Medical gynecological operating table.



MSL6A Electric gynecological operating table Introduction

  • The bed for childbirth,gynecological operation,diagnosis and examination,has various medical functions including emergency caesarean section.
  • The bed can be carried out before and after the tilt,up and down is achieved
  • By the electric push rod,flexible operation,and an electric push rod is flexible in operation ,safe and reliable;the back angle can be adjusted;equipped withhidden movable auxiliary table,convenient for doctors and midwives operation;all housing,panel,dirt pot is made of stainless steel,beautiful appearance,easy to clean.

Specification of MSL6A Electric gynecological operating table

  • Length : 1800mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Max height:900mm
  • Min height:700mm
  • Size of auxiliary table board:470*560mm
  • The backboard adjusted upward: ≥80°
  • Power supply:AC220 10% 50Hz
  • Packing volume:1500*840*950mm
  • Length 1500*width 840* height 950 mm