Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer MSLES101C

Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer MSLES101C is widely used in clinical laboratories and designed for in vitro quantitative determination of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine or cerebrospinal fluid samples.


Features of Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer MSLES100C

  1. Window embedded compact 7smart operation system
  2. 7’inch true color touch screen (800*480 pixels)
  3. 5 USB ports& 1 ethernet port
  4. Flow cell & cuvette testing mode
  5. Multifunctional incubator &blood coagulation function
  6. Huge storage of more than 300 program &200000 sample results


Specification of Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer MSLES100C

  • Dimension:400X300X160 (mm)
  • 2 Reading mode for flow cell, cuvette
  • Build-in thermal printer,57mm printer paper.
  • 7” color display with touch screen operations.800×480 pixels.
  • Interference Filters: 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630 nm
  • Memory: DDR2 SDRAM:1G bit; Flash:256 MB
  • Over 300 programs,200000 results can be stored.
  • USB port(host)for keyboard,mouse,printer,U disk, bar code reader etc.
  • USB port (slave) for PC connection (support PC software control function)
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A8,720M Hz.

 Biochemistry Analyzer MSLES100C

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