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About Bioscience International

Bioscience international medical and pharmaceutical quality control analytical laboratory is a leading diagnostic and quality control services for pharmaceutical industry based in Kenya along Mombasa road. Bioscience laboratory provides vital diagnostic, monitoring and screening testing from routine to specialized and obstetric tests. The laboratory operates primarily in private health care and specialized pathology to doctors and their patients directly or through clinics and hospitals, industrial sector, corporate and insurances. We also serve clinical trials and research groups. We have engaged with government and NGO agencies through public private partnership. Bioscience laboratory maintains a tradition of quality excellent services to all our customers.

Our Mission

  • To be a global leader in medical laboratory diagnostics and in pharmaceutical quality control analysis.
  • To provide quality equipment, reagents, chemicals and consumables.
  • To provide solutions on all medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical quality control analysis.
  • To provide reliable, timely, high quality cost effective and innovative diagnostic services and information to patients, physicians, and other health care providers for the benefit of the patient

Core Business

Our core business is in medical diagnostic, pharmaceutical quality control analysis and training and supply of scientific equipments, chemicals, reagents and consumables. We operate ethically, efficiently and effectively enabling us to provide quality cost effective services.

Bioscience laboratory provides comprehensive analytical solutions to support your drug substance, drug product or medical devices.